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Of course, the struc­ture and con­tent of a study pro­gram are of great impor­t­ance, but the sur­roun­dings need to fit, too. Good results can only be achieved in a good envi­ron­ment. In addi­tion to nice fellow stu­dents, this also includes an attrac­tive campus with modern tech­no­logy, suf­fi­cient space for lear­ning and a place to relax. Such a campus is best located in a city worth living in. After all, study time is also life time. We are proud to be able to offer you the entire package. Wel­come to the WFI.
Right in the center

The WFI campus is located in the middle of Ingol­stadt in the so-called inner ring. Cafés, trendy pubs and beer gar­dens are only a stone's throw away from the lec­ture hall.

Modern Campus

Tra­di­tion meets modern world. Our faculty con­sists of the venerable main buil­ding and the new buil­ding. All our faci­li­ties are modern and equipped with the latest tech­nical equip­ment.

City Life

Despite its long history, Ingol­stadt is one of the fas­test gro­wing cities in Ger­many. It is not wit­hout reason that Ingol­stadt was voted the second best city in Ger­many. By the way, the best city and many other beau­tiful cities are right next door.


The city centre offers many green oases, which rep­re­sent a plea­sant con­trast to the ever­yday city life. In addi­tion, several lakes for swim­ming are very close by. Oh well, our campus has a large orchard. Rela­xing in the ham­mock after the lec­ture - no pro­blem at WFI!


Ingol­stadt is not only located in the heart of Europe, but is also very well con­nected. Nearby are three air­ports and three ICE train sta­tions. Star­ting your semester abroad is easy!

Just come by and visit us.

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The WFI Campus is located in the centre of Ingol­stadt and con­sists of three buil­dings and an orchard. In addi­tion to the large lec­ture hall, there is the main buil­ding and the new buil­ding, in which not only our chairs are located, but also other lec­ture halls and seminar rooms. The motto of our campus is “small but first-rate”. The way to the next lec­ture is short and you don’t have to drive to ano­ther campus or even to ano­ther city. Due to the small number of stu­dents, you con­stantly run into your fri­ends. We simply know each other. This creates a fami­liar atmo­s­phere and makes relaxed stu­dying pos­sible. Despite the small number of stu­dents, we have our own cafe­teria where we can choose from a selec­tion of dif­fe­rent dishes daily at rea­son­able stu­dent prices.
We are not a large uni­ver­sity and we are proud of that. There are no over­crowded lec­ture halls, nobody has to sit on the stairs or in the cor­ridor. We have a place for every stu­dent. Our audi­to­riums and seminar rooms are equipped with the latest tech­no­logy so that we can convey con­tent in a con­tem­porary way. In addi­tion, there are nume­rous rooms that we make avail­able to our stu­dents for group work and pro­ject work. The best place to learn is in our library or one of three com­puter pools. A cap­puc­cino bet­ween lec­tures? No pro­blem! Our faculty’s own cafe­teria is open daily.
Ingol­stadt is not only one of the eco­no­mi­c­ally stron­gest regions in Ger­many, but has also been voted the second best city in Ger­many. And that’s no coin­ci­dence. Besides the his­toric old town and the green parks, Ingol­stadt also has a modern side with trendy bars, clubs, cafés, shop­ping cen­tres and fashion out­lets. There is also an exten­sive range of leisure activi­ties. Those who like it clas­sical will find them­selves at one of the offered con­certs, in the theatre or in one of the nume­rous museums. In addi­tion, there are several cinemas, a bow­ling centre, a go-kart track and a foot­ball sta­dium. For the sports enthu­si­asts, there is ever­ything one can ima­gine: a clim­bing hall, tennis courts, laser tag and many public swim­ming pools.
Ingol­stadt not only has a lot to offer itself, but it is also per­fectly located. Within an hour you can reach other beau­tiful cities like Munich, Nur­em­berg, Regens­burg or Augs­burg. Those who are wil­ling to drive a little longer are quickly in Salz­burg, Prague or Würz­burg. In addi­tion to the nume­rous cities, the sur­roun­dings offer a beau­tiful land­s­cape. The Alt­mühltal is directly around the corner, as well as the Tegernsee or the Chiemsee. If you are tired of the area around you, or the trip to the semester abroad or internship is coming along, you can reach the rest of the world quickly from Ingol­stadt, via the two air­ports Munich or Nur­em­berg.

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Get to know our student organizations!

Hardly any other uni­ver­sity in the German-speaking area can boast such a strong com­mit­ment of its stu­dents. Here you can find some of our stu­dent orga­ni­za­tions that com­ple­ment the BA&OR pro­gram well.

LogIN e.V. is a stu­dent orga­ni­za­tion with the aim of pro­mo­ting dia­logue and rese­arch in the areas of pro­duc­tion, logistics and supply chain manage­ment at the Catholic Uni­ver­sity of Eich­stätt-Ingol­stadt with a total of 180 mem­bers, inclu­ding bachelor and master stu­dents, sci­en­tific staff and alumni. In addi­tion to orga­ni­zing and car­rying out regular work­shops and field trips, the orga­ni­z­aion has been offe­ring its mem­bers an annual 7-day excur­sion to dif­fe­rent cities for 10 years.

Whe­ther a work­shop with the Head of Supply Chain Manage­ment of Cap­ge­mini in Munich, a guided tour through the UPS dis­tri­bu­tion centre at Cologne/Bonn Air­port, lec­tures by inter­na­tional logistics mana­gers on the mana­ging direc­tors’ floor of the Lan­Xess Tower in Cologne, a tour of Frank­furt Air­port and insights into the lar­gest European dis­tri­bu­tion centre for peris­hable goods, guided tours of bre­we­ries with sub­se­quent tas­ting or a tour of the BMW motor­cycle works in Berlin – with LogIn e.V. you can expe­ri­ence a lot!

The Finance Net­work Ingol­stadt has almost 400 mem­bers and is a member of the Bun­des­ver­band der Bör­sen­ver­eine an deut­schen Hoch­schulen e.V. (Federal Asso­cia­tion of Stock Exchange Asso­cia­tions at German Uni­ver­si­ties) (BVH). The aim of the asso­cia­tion is to streng­then the link bet­ween prac­tice and theory in the field of finance and ban­king. The mem­bers of the FNI are always able to benefit from the net­work of our asso­cia­tion. We invite top-class speakers to our faculty and orga­nize exclu­sive events such as tours to Frank­furt. This offers very good oppor­tu­nities for net­wor­king.

In coope­ra­tion with the BVH, the FNI offers its stu­dent mem­bers inte­res­ting news­paper sub­scrip­tions and ePaper offers from various publishers in the fields of busi­ness and poli­tics. These include the maga­zines Euro, Capital, Focus and Tra­derFox.

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Events on campus

Of course there is a lot going on here at the WFI!

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