Our application process

For us, your stu­dies already begins with your app­li­ca­tion. We select all our stu­dents per­so­nally. In this way we ensure that your fellow stu­dents are just as moti­vated as you are. In addi­tion, we make sure that all of our first-year stu­dents have the same pre­vious know­ledge. The abi­lity to work in a team, wil­ling­ness to per­form and social com­mit­ment are just as important as pro­fes­sional trai­ning. In addi­tion to the inter­view, a study coun­sel­ling ses­sion takes place in the intro­duc­tory inter­view. We answer all your open ques­tions about the study pro­gram and sup­port you in plan­ning your stu­dies according to your needs.

We look for­ward to recei­ving your app­li­ca­tion!

Personal Interview

Indi­vi­dua­lity is one of our grea­test strengths. This is why we select all our par­ti­ci­pants per­so­nally and thus ensure that the course of stu­dies is sui­table for the app­li­cants.

Online Application

Nobody likes unne­cessary paper­work! That's why you can apply quickly and easily using our online tool. If you have any ques­tions regar­ding your app­li­ca­tion, we will of course be happy to answer them per­so­nally.

Open House

We invite you to get to know us before your app­li­ca­tion. Either drop by at our open house or make an appoint­ment at the stu­dent advi­sory ser­vice.

Application ends...

App­li­ca­tion Dead­line is January 15, 2019 (for Summer Term 2019).

Register for our application reminder

Don’t miss the app­li­ca­tion dead­line – sign up for our app­li­ca­tion reminder and we will remind you as soon as the app­li­ca­tion phase begins and shortly before it ends.

Application Process

If you have any ques­tions about the study pro­gram or if you are not sure whe­ther BA&OR is right for you, simply con­tact our stu­dent advi­sory ser­vice. Here you can get a per­sonal con­sul­ta­tion.
In order to make the app­li­ca­tion pro­cess as plea­sant as pos­sible for you, we have set up a new online app­li­ca­tion tool. You will be guided intui­tively through the app­li­ca­tion pro­cess and we make sure that your app­li­ca­tion is com­plete and for­mally cor­rect. If you have any ques­tions about the app­li­ca­tion pro­cess, you are wel­come to con­tact the stu­dent advi­sory ser­vice or our admi­nis­tra­tion.
Fol­lo­wing the online app­li­ca­tion pro­cess, we review all docu­ments and invite all sui­table can­di­dates for a per­sonal inter­view. In this inter­view we check your pro­fes­sional skills and your social com­pe­tence. If you meet all the requi­re­ments, we will send you a con­fir­ma­tion of admis­sion.
With your con­fir­ma­tion of admis­sion you can enroll at our faculty. Well done! Wel­come to the Busi­ness Ana­ly­tics & Ope­ra­tions Rese­arch pro­gram!


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